6 Benefits of Fall Heating Inspection

Tech working on piping

6 Benefits of Fall Heating Inspection

It is that time of the year again we all get excited about the holiday season and get occupied with many tasks. The weather already feels like we are in midwinter. It is a smart decision to schedule your heating unit efficiency tune-up. Performing regular heating inspection has great benefits.

Here are the six benefits you get:

  • Extending the life of your heating unit
  • Just like your car, your furnace needs a regular tune-up. Furnaces have moving parts that need regular inspection and have parts that need services before every season. Lack of scheduled maintenance can eventually result in a big repair bill. Here at Home Comfort Air Services, we make sure that your heating system is inspected thoroughly for the cold winter.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Regular heating unit maintenance makes sure that your heating unit is running to the manufacturer set recommendations and standards. Doing so allows you to save energy by making your unit work to the efficiency standard it is set.

  • Minimize unexpected breakdown
  • During routine furnace inspection, it is normal some time to come across parts that are weak or making noise. On the inspection report, the technician can bring this finding as a recommendation to the homeowner.

  • Protecting your family from Carbon monoxide hazard
  • One of the major activities furnace inspection is to make sure your heating unit is properly venting outside the house. Our technician also makes sure your furnace is performing proper combustion. We also test the proper operation of your carbon monoxide detector and, if needed, we perform.

  • Keep the manufacturer warranty valid
  • Almost all manufacturers require homeowners to perform a regular heating unit inspection to be legible for manufacturer warranty.

  • Peace of mind

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