4 Major Things to do if Your Heating System Stops Working This Winter

Tech working on piping

4 Major Things to do if Your Heating System Stops Working This Winter

If your furnace stop working, we at Home comfort Air Services believe that our customers can save money by just doing some basic things before calling any service company.

Here are the four major things to check:

  1. Power
  2. It is always good to check the power switch to the furnace. Sometimes our family member can accidentally turn the furnace switch to off position. The switch could be around the furnace or at the main circuit breaker.

  3. Thermostat
  4. Making sure your thermostat setting is correct can help you save unnecessary service call expenses. It is our common encounter sometimes that the thermostat was not set properly. Also, somebody may accidentally change the programming or configuration can result in system dysfunction. Depending on the type of the thermostat batteries can also be checked and replaced.

  5. Filter
  6. A filter that is clogged can create airflow restriction and can result in system short-cycling, which eventually leads the system to lock. It is a smart thing to do to check your filter and get it replaced regularly. It is also a good idea to make sure all supply and return vents are not blocked or closed. Check the proper orientation of the dampers. Some houses have dampers on the ductwork which has to be adjusted to the right position in each season.

  7. Fuel Supply
  8. It is good to make sure we have enough supply of propane or oil supply to our heating unit. Depending on the make and model our heating unit fuel source may be different. Also, it is good to check the position of the gas valve whether it is on the one or off position.

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