Home Owners Tips When Replacing Cooling or Heating Unit

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Home Owner’s Tip When Replacing Cooling or Heating Unit

  1. Existing Issues
  2. Considering all prevailing issues and concerns of the current HVAC system is very crucial. Issues like poor airflow, not getting enough heat or cool in some part of the house, having too low or too high humidity are some of the common problems homeowners face. When upgrading the unit, the homeowner has to bring the concern they have to the table and discuss it with the comfort specialist. Identifying past problems and addressing them on the new replacement project has to be one of the most important jobs of a professional Comfort Specialist.

  3. Load Calculation
  4. Most contractors fail to consider residential load calculation during the replacement of existing air conditioning and heating systems. Sizing cooling units with proper load calculation addresses most of the issues the homeowner may face in the future. The same square feet size homes can have different size of heating and cooling units. Thus, it is good that homeowners ask a contractor to perform a residential load calculation.

  5. Filter Access
  6. Some existing units have an inaccessible filter or filter compartments with no filter rack. Having easy access to the air filter encourages the homeowner to inspect and replace the air filter more often. Addressing inaccessibility issues of an existing filter should be one of the most important things homeowners to consider during upgrade of the HVAC system.

  7. AHRI Certificate
  8. The indoor component of the cooling unit and the outdoor condensing unit has to match properly. Manufacturers always recommend installing matching outdoor and indoor units. Sometimes it is common to see unmatching units installed and perform below AHRI rating. Homeowner has to make sure the contractor they deal with has taken into consideration the compatibility of the units to be installed in the home.

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